A magical lingerie experience: Fifth Sense


Inspired by the magical ceremony that starts early in the dawn and ends with the darkness of night, Fifth Sense reminds you that the first rule of dressing up is dressing up in lingerie. The passion for lingerie, shared by our designers Raquel Alhale Rodrig and Melis Piroğlu comes alive with Fifth Sense.


Born in France in 2015, Fifth Sense has been combining the elegance of French lingerie design with ultimate comfort and continues to give the proud women who dress for themselves a channel of expression. Contemporary forms and designs meet a romantic dream world to achieve a timeless lingerie experience.


Further, painting the earth’s beaches colorfully with its rich swimwear collection, the tiny and flirty pieces of Fifth Sense aims to influence a woman’s every moment. Get ready to meet the daring nature of Fifth Sense to experience what it’s like to show off your lingerie like you show off your outerwear.


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